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"The American people have this to learn: that where justice is denied,
poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class
is made to feel that society is an
organized conspiracy to oppress,
rob, and degrade them, neither person nor property is safe."
Frederick Douglass
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Social Justice

Economic Justice

Legal Justice
"Many are attracted to social
service - the rewards are
immediate, the gratification quick.
if we have social justice,
we won't need social service."
Julian Bond
“ avoid the traps and snares
of life, they must organize...
put their mites together,
put their
hands and their brains
and make work and
business for themselves.”
Maggie Lena Walker
“The Negro race in America
stolen, ravished and degraded,
struggling up through difficulties
and oppression, needs sympathy
and receives criticism; needs help
and is given hindrance, needs
protection and is given mob-
violence, needs justice and is
given charity, needs leadership
and is given cowardice and
apology, needs bread and is given
a stone.
This nation will never
stand justified before God
until these things change.”
William Edward Burghardt
There is no true distinction between the lines of socio-economic,
political and legal justice in America.  They are inextricably linked.  
For what opportunity has a citizen for work, if he or she has been
denied an opportunity to obtain a good public education; denied
adequate work training; denied safe communities and comfortable
housing, or adequate public transportation?  Economic justice is
unquestionably bound to social justice.  One is not merely
diminished, it is extinguished without the other.
The NIRJ is especially concerned about the following issues:
The NIRJ is concerned about the
unfair practices apparent
in every aspect of the
American legal system:
Judgement and Sentencing
Of particular concern are the
United States Constitutional
clauses for slavery, involuntary
servitude and voter
disenfranchisement by way of the
criminal justice system; and the
increasing practice of what has
become termed the
of Black and Latino male youth,
and the mass incarceration of the
same as youth and adults.
Mass closings of public schools
in urban communities
Aggressive building campaigns
for juvenile detention facilities
Lack of job opportunities for
under-educated and unskilled laborers
Shutting down of public transportation
routes in urban communities
Lack of community-partnered safety
practices in protecting poor people
Seizure of poor and elderly people's real estate
through code violations and tax foreclosures
Obstruction of banking and government
financing access for black-owned businesses
The overall displacement of black
and other poor people away from
core-city redevelopment
Aggressive campaign against voting access
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