The National Institute for Restorative Justice
"Educating for Advocacy"
"You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically
can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation."
Marian Wright Edelman
15226 Lakeshore Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Social Justice

Economic Justice

Legal Justice
“We are the advance guard
of a massive moral revolution
for jobs and freedom”
A. Philip Randolph
"I must never forget
that the only reason why
I am standing here today
is because somebody,
somewhere stood up
for me when it was risky.
And because that
somebody stood up,
a few more... a few thousand...
then a few million stood up...
to change the world."
Barack Obama, Jr.
“We claim for ourselves
every single right that belongs
to a freeborn American, political,
civil and social; and until we get
these rights we will never cease
to protest and to assail
the ears of America."  
W. E. B. DuBois
In the tradition of non-violent movement campaigns, The National Institute For Restorative Justice
employs three basic advocacy strategies to help in the eradication of injustice:
1) Organization - systematic
identification of issues and entities to collect and disseminate facts;
2) Negotiation - engaging perpetrators
of injustice with the intent of creating opportunities to correct negative policies and practices; and
3) Direct
- utilizing whatever political and socio-economic means necessary.
Power.  Real or perceived.  
Individual or collective.  No
matter in which form it comes,
in order to be effective it must
be organized.  

Identifying common issues and
concerns is only the first step in
effective advocacy.  Forging
alliances with individuals and
organizations with like interest,  
missions and visions is critical in
implementing the power of
mass advocacy and action.
To leverage our collective
electoral and economic power,
The NIRJ will work in alliance
with other advocates for
justice to educate and organize
concerned citizens in block
voting, and withholding and/or
concentrating our consumer
Armed with supporting
documentation, The NIRJ,
along with allies working on
behalf of socio-economic,
political and legal justice
issues, will engage negotiations
with 1)  executive, legislative
and judicial officials to
encourage respectful practices
in support of voting and tax
paying citizens; and 2) media
executives and editors to
encourage respectful practices
in imaging, editing and
reporting news regarding local
If you are interested
in receiving more
information about
serving as a Municipal
Monitor for your city,
an inquiry form may
be accessed by
clicking here!
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