The National Institute for Restorative Justice
"Educating for Advocacy"
15226 Lakeshore Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44110
It Started With Discussion
To provide
research opportunities and
educational forums
on issues affecting
social, economic and legal
policies and practices
in the United States of America;
and to provide opportunities for
advocacy on behalf of
correcting injustices
resulting from those issues.
"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember, you have within you the
strength, the patience,
and the
passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
Harriett Ross Tubman
Established in 2004 as the
Restorative Justice Initiative

of Deuteronomy 8:3 Café Books
and Music in Cleveland, Ohio, and
specifically as an objective of its
Amendment and Prison Industrial
(2006, 2008 and 2010),  
The National Institute For
Restorative Justice
incorporated in March 2011

or the purpose of educating for
  The Institutes'
primary focus is on social, legal
and economic justice.

Independent of D8:3's ten years of
programming, the Initiative - now
The Institute - has held over 30
events including lectures, book
and film discussions series, and
four weekend summits beginning
with the 2004
Turning Our Dollars
Into Sense: A Community Strategic
Thinking Summit

Over the next decade, the Institute
roots its focus in three campaigns:
Mittie Jordan, Dr. Elizabeth Smith Pryor
Charter Board Members Emeritus
Ed Horton and Kathy Baker
Dr. Dolores Lairet
Charter Board Members Emeritus:
Roger Jordan and Emanuel Leaks
James Page
Attorney Wanda J. Birch
Charles Bevel
Board Emeritus: Kathy Baker
Roger Jordan, Ed Horton, Dr. Dolores Lairet,
Charles Bevel, Mittie Jordan
Photographs: Mittie Imani
Jordan and Jeff Ivey
- The Municipal & Media
Monitoring Movement

- Sustainable Community
Controlled Development

- The Eradication of
Constitutional Clauses for
Slavery and Voter
The Institute is planning for its first
major national dialogue in the
Spring of 2013:
Except As
Punishment For Crime
, focusing on
the Thirteenth and Fourteenth
ments and the Prison
Industrial Complex.
Board of Directors
Join The
Drum Majors
For Justice!
Social Justice

Economic Justice

Legal Justice
Renewing Inalienable Rights, Rebuilding Communal Confidence, Re-energizing Sustainable Economy, Reviving Unbridled Spirit
Site Map
Genevieve Mitchell & Wanda Birch
Dr. Cornelius Bynum
Alicia Graves & Wanda Birch
Reverend Dr. Leah Lewis
"What would an anti-
racist criminal justice
strategy look like for the
United States?  Two would
be restorative justice and
building our democratic,
civic capacity:
To renew, from the
margins, the aspirations
and energies of millions
of Americans who are
routinely denied
employment, public
housing, college loans,
and other opportunities
because of prior felony
To rebuild, within our
political process, the
involvement and
confidence of millions
of Americans who are
now unfairly excluded
from exercising their
rights to vote;
To re-energize the
power of millions
of underemployed former
prisoners back into the
economy, in part by
establishing effective
vocational training and
educational programs
inside every correctional
facility and by eliminating
the state-sanctioned lists
of prohibited jobs for
which ex-prisoners are
denied the right to apply;
to revive by civic
engagement the latent
leadership and talents of
millions of Americans
who have been
victimized by the
New Radical Domain,
whether through
unjust incarceration

Manning Marable
Racializing Justice
Disenfranchizing Lives
Reverend Dr.
Zachery Williams
Board Emeritus:
Rev Constance Arthur
Wanda Jordan Birch & Charles Bevel